Cynthia Lovin Mindfulness

Leading contemplative practices and offering guidance to activate the sacred potential we all hold for wholeness, evolution and interconnectedness.

Spiritual Direction

Cultivating the Sacred

Spiritual direction is the art of cultivating awareness of the sacred.  While the traditional term is “spiritual director,” I find “companion” to be a better description of what I offer. A spiritual companion is not a coach, priest or therapist. A spiritual companion assists you in inviting and exploring the movement of the sacred as it is arising in the many circumstances of your life. My role in spiritual direction is that of a respectful listener, guide and witness as you explore life’s big questions and mysteries. I am dedicated to the possibility of your capacity to live more fully, freely, and wholly. I am no “expert;” I’m not here to teach you about your experience. Instead, I assist you in discerning and following your inner wisdom; to hear the quiet voice of the sacred which lies within, which can be sought and nurtured in the midst all of life’s changes and challenges.

My approach is interspiritual: nourishing the roots of spiritual experience that are common to most faith traditions. I also appreciate a non-theistic approach to the inner journey, if this is your way. I will hold your experience with respect and care, and will encourage you to practice kindness and curiosity in discovering the “path with heart” that is most resonant and congruous for you.

Is Spiritual Direction for you?

Are you

  • Wrestling with the mysteries of life?
  • Wondering about your spiritual identity?
  • Wanting support for a life crisis or transition?
  • Working through loss, disillusionment, or grief?

If so, you may greatly benefit from spiritual direction. To learn more, or to schedule a meeting via phone, videoconference or in person in the Austin metropolitan area, please contact me using the form below.