Cynthia Lovin Mindfulness

Leading contemplative practices and offering guidance to activate the sacred potential we all hold for wholeness, evolution and interconnectedness.


Life can be extraordinarily difficult and discouraging, yes? Especially during our current time of rapid global change and social upheaval. Even in times of breaking down and confusion, there is a glimmer of possibility in our response. The choices you make now are sowing seeds for the future. What kind of future do you want to bring forth? No matter what your current challenges may be, your life holds everything you need for realizing the depth of yourself as human being.

We live in demanding, chaotic, distracted and worrisome times. Stress takes its toll. The practices of mindfulness and meditation can bring stability and relief. For those who are spiritually inclined, spiritual direction can be deeply supportive.

A lot of people are talking these days about mindfulness. What is it? At its core, mindfulness means kind attention to the flow of moment-by-moment experience.  Mindfulness can be cultivated in all aspects of living. With encouragement and support, the skills of mindfulness can be learned and practiced by anyone.

With practice over time, mindfulness can help you move through difficulty or suffering, and realize your capacity for equanimity, peace, well-being and joy.